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Motherhood, Fatherhood, Wifehood, Husbandhood...

Is this what adulthood is supposed to feel like?




Pernah rasa perasaan sebegini?


Kita selalu diberi kesedaran seperti


"allow my child to have bad days and moods", "i need to be there for them,loving and supporting him regardless and no matter what.", "let him feel the feelings and go through the process and move on"


Sehingga satu masa kita terlupa akan diri sendiri. What about me?. Kita lupa untuk memberi waktu untuk kita. Memaafkan diri kita, expectation yang tinggi dan yang tak mampu kita penuhi, kita mula labelkan diri sendiri, dan bagaimana pula kita yang sering menidakkan emosi yang berbagai ini, hanya untuk kelihatan kuat dan hebat, dan sentiasa teringat untuk sentiasa menjadi role model yang baik kepada anak. Phew... along the way we forgot to give ourselves grace.


Dear momies and daddies out there,


Breathe... today, let give ourselves grace to just be ok, at all the things we are juggling. Reach out just to find motivation in the fact that we are TRYING. Please remember, we are the caring human. 

Let give ourselves grace to love "ME" first, to love our family, to love our friends and coworkers. And learn to give them grace as well. Maybe tomorrow we’ll do better or maybe we won’t.

But please dont forget, we need to love and forgive ourselves regardless. Give yourself some credit because YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


hugs and ❤ ms zai.










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A gentle reminder 💛🌻



📸@_lisaolivera 💕

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