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Slow Down Mommy and Daddy

Let's embrace the process.


From this random scribbling which we learn to draw lines with simple movements through our arms swinging back and forward.


Our second stage is controlled scriblling. Which slowly we learn how to fully control our crayons.


Later, we will learn to connect our scribbling with world around us. We will start naming our scribbling. What we put on that page now become meaningful to us. During this time, Don't always ask us "what is that?" But instead ask us to explain what is happening in the picture .


Lastly, our scribbling may start to resemble real-life images. As by now, we already have greater muscle control and greater understanding of the world around us. We will use our imagination and creativity. Please encourage us to always talk about our drawing and listen to our stories.


So mommy and daddy, please slow down. Let us go through the process. DON'T RUSH THE PROCESS, ALLOW US TO GROW AT OUR OWN PACE.









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